Neosho flag re-dedication ceremony

After being bare for a few weeks, the Neosho flag pole officially has a new high-flying flag.

The flag pole was first dedicated on July 4 back in 2002.   After 15 years, The Exchange Club of Neosho decided the area needed a bit of a makeover.  So the group spent most of the month touching up the landscape, replacing the flag pole cable, and refurbishing the plaque wall and the plaques that hang there.  Today, the club hosted a re-dedication ceremony where they raised a brand new 60×30 flag donated by Senator Ron Richard.

Kevin Wilson, member of The Exchange Club of Neosho says, “This is a community. This is Neosho. This is what it’s about, the Americanism the patriotic pride that we have. I think it has become the symbol of the community because you can see it for miles around.”  Source.