Pinwheels show hope to prevent child abuse

Pinwheels have served as the national symbol for child abuse prevention since 2008, Kathy Cox said.

“Pinwheels are a happy and uplifting symbol of childhood. It’s a new symbol,” Cox said.

Cox, a member of the Portage Exchange Club who serves as the Prevent Childcare Program chair, headed Prevent Child Abuse’s Stand Up For Children event Wednesday morning. 

The city’s first time event, held in front of fire station No. 3, included the placement of a “garden” of dozens of bright blue pinwheels with a sign reading: “Pinwheels are a promise for a happy, healthy childhood. Because children are our future.”

“We brought community leaders together for the event today because we value our children … The pinwheel garden is the community’s commitment to keeping kids safe,” Cox said. Read more.