Second-grade students in Effingham study safety

Nearly 900 Effingham second-graders attended the Exchange Club’s annual Quick Think-A-Thon on Thursday, learning about personal safety.

Rhianna Beltran of Rincon Elementary was the champion, winning a new bicycle. Trinity Berry of Springfield Elementary was the first runner-up; Angela Fortin of South Effingham Elementary was the second runner-up; and David Hamilton of Guyton Elementary was the third runner-up.

It was the 17th year the event has been held in Effingham. Two children from each of the county’s eight elementary schools answered questions based on the Quick Think board game, responding to situations involving child abuse; abductions; peer pressure around alcohol, drugs and weapons; fire and medical emergencies; approaches by strangers; and latch key issues.

All of the county’s second-graders attended the event in the gym at Ebenezer Middle School. Source.