Uncle Bunky 10k Run Columbus Exchange Club

Well it’s been two years since Robert Martin Williams passed away but he was better known to the Golden Triangle as the beloved Uncle Bunky . Columbus residents, businesses, and organizations work to continue his memory.

Saturday morning, people from all over the area laced up running shoes and hit the road to celebrate the life and legacy of Uncle Bunky.

Happy emotions could be  felt by all participants in Saturday’s Uncle Bunkey 10k Run. Columbus Exchange Club President Elect Ann Marie Langford says the organization wanted to spread the loving memories of their favorite uncle.

“We started this last year in memory of Uncle Bunky, which everybody remembers him a local legends and loved and did so much for the kids in the community and we wanted to keep that memory alive and build on it and have a good run,”said President Elect Exchange Club Ann Marie Langford.

Edwina Williams, better known as Mother Goose, says Uncle Bunky is remembered most by his love of children and of course his cartoons. Read more.