Americanism Projects

Promoting pride in country, respect for the flag and appreciation of our freedoms are the primary purposes of Exchange's Americanism programs. The tumultuous struggles of world powers in the twentieth century have done little to guarantee a peaceful future for the majority of the world's people. However, there's one country in modern times that people flock to for safety, freedom and opportunity — the United States of America. It is hard for Americans to imagine the horrors of modern struggles over religious and ethnic differences, the very differences we embrace.

Exchange's Americanism programs were born in the aftermath of World War II. At that time, patriotism was unquenchable, and Exchangites joined veterans and other civic groups in heralding the rich blessings of democracy.

National Headquarters has many printed materials to assist clubs in their efforts to better their communities through our Programs of Service. Click here to download the Americanism Projects Guide. Please call 800-XCHANGE or e-mail for more information. 


A More Perfect Union

Freedom Gallery

The Freedom Shrine

Get Out the Vote!

The Healing Field Foundation

Flags for Soldiers

One Nation Under God

Project GiveAKidAFlagToWave

Proudly We Hail

Statue of Responsibility Foundation

Other Americanism Projects Ideas