Club Training

O.A.R. Training Guide

This Orientation, Activation and Retention training guide is a flexible PowerPoint document for clubs to use in new member orientation. This guide allows clubs to personalize the document with its own name, district, region, projects, etc. Clubs can choose to use the whole PowerPoint or select the sections or slides most relevant to their needs.

Download the O.A.R. Training Guide.

Setting Goals

There are two steps to setting goals.  First, you need to examine your club to identify what areas need improvement and what areas are special strengths.  Using the information, you need to create the three to five goals for the year. 

Your club is successful when it provides a rewarding experience to its members.  When that happens, members stay in the club, attend meetings, and participate in projects.  So, set goals that will make your club better for its members. 

Analyzing Your Club, Part 1

Identifying Areas Needing Improvement

Click on the link below for a checklist that you can use to analyze your club’s operations in several important areas.  For each section, look at the number of checks you make in the “Yes” and “No” columns to identify areas where your club needs to improve.  You can use this information to set clear, specific goals for the year—specific improvements in the club.


Analyzing Your Club, Part 2

Building on Strengths

Click on the link below to view a chart that will help you identify some of the best aspects of your club and how to improve your club.