The Court of Honor Recognizes Outstanding Exchangites

The Court of Honor, formed by the three wings of the National Headquarters building, was established in 1957 to help pay tribute to the great men and women of Exchange. The majestic statue, "Birth of the Atomic Age," created by the renowned sculptor Marshall Fredericks, stands in a reflecting pool with fountains. Several large granite pylons at the rear of the Court display the inscribed names of inductees. The Court of Honor lay dormant for many years until being re-established and renovated in 1997.

There are more than 90 names inscribed on the Court of Honor pylons, including Charles Berkey, the founder of Exchange; Dr. Edward R. North Jr., founder of the National Exchange Club Foundation for the Prevention of Child Abuse; Thomas L. Bailey, author of the Covenant of Service; and Herold M. Harter, who served as Exchange’s national secretary for 44 years.

A lasting tribute

The highest and most lasting recognition an Exchangite can receive is to be forever honored by induction into the Court of Honor. Induction is by nomination and review only. Candidates selected for induction are invited to an annual induction ceremony where their permanently inscribed names are unveiled. The deadline for nominations is June 1st.

Inductees 1957 to present:

D. Russell Bontrager

Charles A. Berkey

Herold M. Harter

M.H. "Bud" Edell

J.D. Dickey

Ray L. Lange

Ethel S. Harter

George Seely Johnston

Robert B. Scarborough

Thomas L. Bailey

John B. Congdon

Dr. Hugh G. Ward

Dr. Porter L. Fortune, Jr.

Thomas C. Imeson

George Bellsnyder

Stephen W. Baber

Dr. Edward R. North, Jr.

John H. Awtry

W. Nolan Leonard

Elmer M. Barr

George Ow

Harold E. Warren

Bonnie J. Franks

Myers Y. Cooper

Earl M. Templin

James M. Brown

Charles P. Lorett

Martha Kinney Cooper

Henry M. Powell

 LeRoy L. Dalton

Elvin R. Stiles


M. Allen Barth

Fred Harron

W. James "Jim" Brown, Jr.

Billy Joseph Sills

Myrtle M. Barth

Augustus M. Parker

Fred E. Sweigart

Herbert A. Taylor

W. Harry Jack

Joe F. Pruett

Roland A. "Rollie" Benson

William C. Wodtke, Jr.

Charles J. Krause

Clarence McDorman

Harold A. Petit

J. Benjamin Brick

Timothy W. Rose, Sr.

Thomas W. Dawson

Millard A. Beckum

V.C. Hilligoss

Harold C. Kooyers

Robert L. Gray, Sr.

Israel I. Idelsohn

W. Dale Yarbrough

Roy H. Deese

Charles F. Braddock

Frank J. Sego

Tom Fleetwood

James R. Lazette

Jerry J. DeFeo

Gordan B. Stine

Gerald Franklin

Carl Lemcool

Dan Robinson

Tom Zupancic

James M. Addis

Harry F. Clouser

Robert E. Hunley

Kerry W. Mazoch

James David Moore

Larry M. Street

Gail E. Weller

Dick Freeman

Harold Wolf

H. Cameron Burn

Joseph P. Cabaniss

Wendell L. Griffin

Jimmy D. Wiggs

Henry Berlin

Claude W. Carmack

John D. Hood

Ellie Royal

Doris E. Ash

Ralph J. Carlson

Steven Douglas

Allan S. Livingston

Robert L. Sharp

Floyd A. Culver

William C. Kohler

Arthur W. McConnell

Sidney T. Mobley