Crime Insurance

Club and district bylaws require bonding of the treasurer and secretary. Crime insurance protects the financial assets of the club. This is different from the general liability insurance, which protects the public at club and district events. 

Crime Insurance is now being provided for all clubs and districts under a master policy. Clubs will be billed on a quarterly basis, beginning with the October 1 dues billing. The policy provides a $100,000 limit for Dishonesty and a $5,000 limit for Money, and both are subject to a $250 deductible. As of January 1, 2009, the general Liability billings will also be switched to a quarterly basis and will be combined with the Crime Insurance billings. If clubs have similar crime coverage, they should ask their current provider to cancel the coverage as of October 1, and provide them with a refund for the unearned premium. If a club feels they need limits in excess of $100,000, an excess policy may be available on an individual basis.

For questions concerning the program, please contact John Heer, CPCU, CPIA, at Brooks Insurance (1-800-678-1191) or your National Headquarters (1-800-924-2643 or

The requirement for trust or surety bonds appears in the standard form club bylaws, article XI, section 3, and district bylaws, article XIV, section 2. The requirement for liability insurance is National Exchange Club policy 3.9.

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