The Exchange Leadership Excellence (ELE) Program was developed to improve the quality of leaders in Exchange and to encourage Exchangites to step up to leadership positions. The exceptional quality and educational value of the ELE training is a major leap foward for Exchange. The ELE Program is designed to be on par with professional leadership training that typically costs hundreds of dollars to attend. ELE training challenges the participants in activities such as developing mission statements, identifying and breaking through blocks to leadership, bulding stronger teams, defining personal leadership styles, improving communication skills and much more.  

Training Schedule

Click here to view the current Exchange leadership Excellence training schedule.

Program Details

  • Exchange Leadership Excellence training is presented in module format. The training can take place at a special Regional, District, or Club ELE training event. Or, it can be combinded with other training. The modules are fast-paced, fun and interactive. each participant is given a guide laden with practical tools that can be used immediately. There are both 2-hour and 4-hour modules. ELE training is free for Exchangites. The program is also available for a fee to individuals who are not members of Exchange.
  • A minimum of 15 registrants are required to conduct the training. Normally up to 30 participants can be accomindated, if more are desired coordinate with ELE trainer.
  • Individual cost for non-Exchangites:
    • One module = $59
    • Two modules at the same conference = $99 
  • The National Exchange Club will pay for the trainer's travel costs, once the trainers arrive the region/district/club is responsible for all trainers' costs, lodging, meals, and local transportation.
  • If a session is cancelled less than 30 days out, all costs incurred by National will be charged to the organizer. Individual cancellations are the responsibility of the hosting region, district or club.
  • Training modules are to be presented through the arrangements with Exchagne Headquarters using certified trainers.

Physical Requirements

  • Adequate conference room for number of attendees. Please note, various exercises will be conducted, please allow extra room for these.
  • Multi-media projector and screen
  • Flip charts and markers.
  • CD player

Coordinator Requirements

•  An on-site coordinator/contact person is required to assist with set-up. On-site coordinators will be reimbursed for all support materials purchased for trainers. The coordinator will:

  • Secure the conference room.
  • Help locate and provide support materials for trainers.
  • Handle on-site responsibilities, including registration of participants.

Module 1 — Leadershift: Discovering Your
Leadership Zone

  • What defines leadership and how it differs from management.
  • The different styles of leadership.
  • The characteristics of effective leaders, the BE, KNOW, DO model of leadership.
  • How leadership styles vary from leader to leader and from group to group.
  • Your own style of leadership and tools to develop that style.
  • How flexibility is often the key to becoming an effective leader.

Module 2 — Igniting the Fire: Creating Vision, Mission and Meaning for Yourself and Exchange

  • Learn how to create a personal mission statement.
  • Define what vision, value and mission statements can do for our clubs.
  • Defining vision, value and mission statements for our clubs.

Module 3 — Fueling the Fire: Rapport and the Power
of Persuasion

  • Learn how to get people involved and perform at a higher level.
  • Learn the link between emotions and motivation.
  • Understand the link between rapport & persuasion.
  • Learn presentation skills.
  • Learn to develop and use an audiences’ profiles.
  • Learn to create and maintain enthusiasm.
  • Learn to increase communication skills.
  • Learn team building.

Module 4 — From Good to Great: Goal Setting, Delegating and Overcoming Blocks to Leadership

  • Understand common blocks to leadership excellence and how to overcome them.
  • Discover the advantages of empowerment and delegation.
  • Learn the SMART goal setting process.
  • Become familiar with the SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis.
  • Learn to use planning and goal-setting tools.

To schedule an Exchange Leadership Excellence program, or for more information, contact The National Exchange Club Headquarters at or (800)924.2643.