Exchange PSAs

Exchange’s latest public service announcements (PSAs) are now combined on one beta master tape, and include :10, :15, :20 and :30 second spots by Malcolm Jamal Warner, Tia and Tahj Mowry, and Amy Davidson. These spots focus on child abuse prevention, making a difference in your community, and getting involved with Exchange.

100 years National Exchange Club Celebrates 100 Years! (30 seconds)
  What is Exchange? (30 seconds)
 Amy Davidson Child Abuse is Reported Every 10 Seconds (10 second PSA)
  Time is Valuable (10 second PSA)
  Make a difference, join Exchange! (15 second PSA)
 Tia Mowry
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (20 second PSA)
 Tahj Mowry
 Tia and Tahj Mowry
 Malcolm Jamal Warner Never, Never, Never Shake a Baby (20 second PSA)
  Child Abuse Doesn't Discriminate (20 second PSA)
Take Time Out (20 second PSA)
 Believe in the Blue Believe in the Blue PSAs

You can also view these PSAs on YouTube, search for National Exchange Club.


Exchange PSAs are being distributed and aired across the country, but now your club can order a customized tape for your area! A customized beta SP tape can be purchased for about $150. National also has a limited supply of tapes available free for a 30-day loan to any club.


For tips on how to get your PSAs aired in your community click here.

For more information, contact the Communications Department at or