Exchange Today, Article Guidelines

Each month, many Exchange Clubs and CAP Centers send us news of successful projects and other activities for possible publication in Exchange Today. Due to the volume of material we receive, we may not be able to publish every news item, but we will do our best. The more unique, newsworthy or large-scale the activity, the greater the chance it will appear in the magazine.

Here are some general guidelines to follow when sending us information.

Preparing a story on your project:
Tell WHAT happened, WHERE it happened, WHEN it happened, HOW it happened, WHY it happened, and WHO made it happen.

·         Emphasize human interest. Example: Instead of reporting on a check presentation ceremony, focus instead on who or what benefited as a result of your fundraising efforts.

·         Provide anecdotes and quotes from club members and others.

·         Include newspaper clippings and any other informational materials.

·         List the full name of your Exchange Club or CAP Center, the name of a contact person, telephone/fax numbers and e-mail address for more information.

·         Stories can be submitted by mail (printed or on disk) or via e-mail (see contact information below).

The best images show action, have human interest, and present a subject in an unusual way. Photographs that perfectly capture a moment are generally an exception; keep in mind that most require set-up and posing. Your goal should be to create an image that appears as candid and natural as possible. Avoid the standard "grip-and-grin" handshake photographs. Photographic Excellence 101 contains other tips for taking great photographs.

·         We prefer 35 mm color or high-resolution (300 dpi) digital photographs. All photographs must be sharp and have good contrast. Send prints or digital files only, no slides or negatives.

·         Please don’t write on the backs of the photographs you send. Use a separate sheet of paper to provide information such as names, location, date and photo credits.

·         Identify the people in the photograph, from left to right, and check their names for correct spelling and proper titles.

·         Protect your images for mailing and specify if you would like them returned. It’s also a good idea to keep the negatives, or make copies of your originals.

The news we use

·         News releases detailing recent service projects in the areas of Child Abuse Prevention, Youth, Americanism and Community Service.

·         Brief news items on successful membership drives, major club anniversaries, successful fundraisers and humorous or unique occurrences. Keep them timely.

·         Feature stories on how your club or CAP center met a particular challenge or achieved unusual success. Stories covering such areas as community service, building membership or a new club, solving a retention problem, sponsoring unusual or highly profitable fundraisers, etc.

·         General interest articles written on a wide range of topics such as business trends or ethics, child abuse prevention, citizenship, volunteerism, personal improvement, leadership development, motivation, the family, parenting, etc.

·         Don’t send us the "every club does them" items, such as news of club officer installations, club elections, committee appointments, club social events, regular club meeting programs, and Youth of the Month Award presentations. But do send us Youth of the Year Award presentations.

·         We also generally do not use club anniversary stories, unless it is a major anniversary of 25, 30, 40, 50 years, etc.

Our address:
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Phone: (800)924-2643, Ext. 105, 106
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