General Liability Insurance

The Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) is underwritten by Oho Casualty Insurance Company and the Excess Liability is written by Cincinnati Insurance Company. The policies cover all National Exchange Club districts, clubs and its members when acting on behalf of the club or district. As of January 1, 2009, the general Liability billings were switched to a quarterly basis and combined with the Crime Insurance billings.

To obtain a Certificate of Insurance to show proof of insurance coverage, complete the Certificate Request Form and fax to 419-254-7273.

What is covered?

One million dollar limit protects for suits from bodily injury and property damage resulting from Exchange activities at meeting halls, rental space, private homes, etc.

Personal injury including slander, libel, defamation of character, false arrest, invasions of privacy, detention and malicious prosecution (except for an offense related to membership).

The sale of food, beverages and other products.

Contractual liability for responsibilities clubs may assume under terms of a lease or rental of a facility.

Injury caused by the rendering or failure to render medical attention by nonprofessionals.

Fire or other damage to the premises housing a sponsored activity (up to $100,000).

The use of non-owned and hired automobiles.

Excess Liability $1,000,000 limit in excess of $1,000,000 CGL. Follow form primary CGL coverage.


The CGL Policy also provides up to $5,000 per person in accidental medical benefits. The $5,000 medical payment benefit is available only to nonmembers. It is designed to reimburse nonmembers for medical costs they incur as a result of any injury they sustain while attending a sponsored club activity.


The policy pays on behalf of the insured for those sums that they become legally obligated to pay as damages because of bodily injury or property damage, and pays defense fees in addition to the benefit limit.

The policy is designed to cover the usual and customary activities of a club. However, it does include the standard general liability exclusions of claims for war, nuclear, auto, aircraft, watercraft and professional liability. Also personal property loaned to you or in your care, custody and control is excluded. It also excludes claims arising from unusual events such as fireworks, carnival or amusement rides, rodeos, abuse and molestation, roadblocks (collecting donations in the street), and medical payments to athletic or sports participants. The policy does include host liquor liability; however, liquor liability for the sale of alcoholic beverages or those situations where a license is required are not included.


The non-owned and hired automobile endorsement extends as excess coverage to the CGL Policy to cover liability arising from the use of hired and non-owned vehicles, which would include members' vehicles. This is coverage for bodily injury and property damage only and does not include medical payments or physical damage to the hired or non-owned vehicle. The coverage protects the club from suits arising from the use of a motor vehicle.


Questions or claims?

This explains the general purpose of the insurance, but in no way changes or affects the policy that is actually issued. Complete details can be found in the insurance policy available from National Headquarters.


If you have any questions regarding specific coverage, contact John Heer. Should any claim situations arise, contact Julie Kerber. Both are available at 800-678-1191.


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