Liquor Liability and Special Events

Brooks Insurance Agency has secured a market to place Liquor Liability (click to download Word Document), as well as Special Events Liability (click to download Word Document), for events that are not covered by the master General Liability policy. They each can be written as stand-alone policies or combined. The procedure is as follows:

Complete the attached application for the desired coverage (click on Liquor Liability or Special Events Liability link above). This can be printed and faxed to Brooks Insurance Agency or completed electronically and emailed. All contact information is on the application.

It is important that the application be submitted to Brooks Insurance Agency at least 30 days prior to the event.

Upon securing the quote, Brooks Insurance Agency will advise the Club, by fax or email, of the premium, coverage and any other forms that are needed.

In order for coverage to be bound, a check, made payable to Brooks Insurance Agency for the full premium, must be mailed along with any other required forms. Any additional forms and instructions will be sent to you with the quote. Some forms may require a notarized signature.

Coverage will be bound the date the check is received by the insurance carrier.

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