Welcome Exchange Club of Zion, Illinois

We are excited to announce the 18th new club of the 2012/13 administrative year. Please join us in welcoming the Exchange Club of Zion, Illinois. Thanks and appreciation goes out to the club builders Stella Jones, Kim Woods and Lenora Woods for their efforts in chartering the new club. The new club is sponsored by the Exchange Club of North Chicago, IL.

The club officially chartered with 20 members on June 27, 2013. Charter officers are: President Beverly Mull, President-Elect Iris Livingston, Secretary Rosalin Lamon and Treasurer Wanda McLin. National President Lou Molitor conducted the Permanent Organizational Meeting. The new club is part of the Lincolnland District (District President Michael Oster), and Region 3 (Regional Vice President Katie Smith).




To all the new members … WELCOME!!!





Pictured above: Territory Manager; Ted Lindsley Executive Vice President; Tracey Edwards and Director of Club and Member Development and Events; Jim Addis raise the Illinois flag in celebration of the Exchange Club of Zion, IL. Pictured below: members of the Exchange Club of Zion, IL.

Pictured above right: Club president Beverly Mull.