Partnership affords Exchange Clubs Education and Training on Detecting Signs of Childhood Sexual Abuse - and Offers Recommended Courses of Action

During this past year, the National Exchange Club has undertaken several collaborative efforts with other national organizations in areas where their mission or programs aligns with Exchange’s Programs of Service activities. Joining forces with The American Red Cross as well as the Statue of Responsibility has afforded local Exchange Clubs the opportunity to offer new local service program activities and resources through engagement in collaborative efforts.

A signing ceremony between Exchange Club National President Margie Miller and Darkness to Light Executive Director Ann Lee took place at the opening session of the Exchange’s National Convention recently held in Detroit. Exchange’s new relationship with Darkness to Light officially joins the two organizations in their shared effort directed toward the prevention of child abuse. With this new partnership, local Exchange Clubs will now be able to utilize Darkness to Light’s Stewarts of Children program as an Exchange Club Program of Service project.

In 1979, at the urging of then National Exchange Club National President Dr. Edward North, Jr. The National Exchange Club adopted the prevention of child abuse as it National Project; and through the efforts of Exchange Club members and supporters of the National Exchange Club Foundation, it has made a significant impact on the lives of children and families across the nation. In keeping with that commitment, Exchange continues to look for new ways to address this critical issue. Exchange’s new partnership with Darkness to Light is a continuation of its legacy of service and commitment to the prevention of child abuse.

Stewards of Children is a revolutionary sexual abuse prevention training program that educates adults to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. This compelling training program promotes an understanding of the nature and impact of child sexual abuse and uses those principles to provide a context for empowered action. The central tenant of this education and training program is the belief that child safety is an adult’s job.

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