PR Style Guide

A corporate identity is the fundamental style, quality, character and personality that sets one organization apart from all others. Corporate identity plays a crucial role in laying the foundation for recognition and preference among members, leaders, and the public.

A strong corporate identity can be a powerful tool in the marketplace. In this guide, we will explain the standards for its use in several applications. Our logo's consistent appearance and correct use can increase its recognition and strength to the public.

Important details that help us present a consistent image strengthen our presence to others – you can either reinforce or confuse Exchange's image depending on how closely you follow our standards. Our goal is to project the same professional image, regardless of where it is being used; whether it be in a newsletter, t-shirt, or stationary.

We have created this guide to help avoid common misrepresentations. The guidelines apply to all visual communications materials for the National Exchange Club. Remember that you are preserving the integrity of the National Exchange Club's most valuable asset: our image in the nation.

This style guide provides the tools to use our logo in the correct manner and maintain its integrity. Since our identity is the visual means by which we distinguish our programs and projects, it is the essential link to our reputation and it is important that it be executed correctly and consistently every time.

Click here to download the style guide.