Active members are elected according to the bylaws and are eligible for all rights and privileges of membership.

Family Membership

Active members may be eligible for Family Mmebership and shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of membership. Individulas in a member's same household, including dependent college students, may qualify. The National Board of Directors shall have the power to establish such terms and conditions for Family Memberships.

Active Honorary

This category allows a club to honor a member who is still active in the club and who wishes to remain so. A candidate must be an active (or former) member performed a special service for the club and must be elected by a club’s board of directors. This entails no additional membership or joining fee. An active honorary member is entitled to all rights and privileges of membership.


A life member may be conferred on a 20-year active or active honorary member, or on an active or active honorary member 65 years of age or older, who has been a member of such classifications for at least 15 years. A life member is entitled to all rights and privileges of membership and is subject to a one-time membership fee. The club pays $500 and is then relieved from payment of National dues. 


This classification was created to accommodate those active, nonresident or incapacitated members who cannot attend club meetings for an extended period of time. At-large members must be elected by a club’s board of directors and are entitled to all rights and privileges of membership, but may not hold office. 

Clubs may take this opportunity to reduce dues for these people until such time as they can revert to active member status. 


Any business entity may apply for a Business membership. The business should designate a primary contact and can identify up to two alternates. A Business member (primary contact only) may vote or hold office. 


This category is for a person who has never been an active member of any Exchange Club and must have rendered some special service to an Exchange Club. Honorary members shall be elected by the same procedures as active members but shall not vote, hold office or pay dues. Dues are to be paid by the club.  


An Associate member resides in an area where an Exchange Club in good standing does not exist within a twenty-five (25) mile radius or is a previous member of an Exchange Club and has not been a member during the past three years. Associate Members pay dues directly to The National Exchange Club for membership. These members do not have the right to vote or hold office.