Exchange Club donation buys life-saving equipment for Great Falls police

The local Exchange Club’s recent donation to the Great Falls Police Department could turn out to be the difference between someone living or dying. 

The donation of $3,516 purchased Quick Clot for officers to carry on duty to stop massive bleeding. The state-of-the-art gauze wrap is used by U.S. military personnel in combat zones and is already on the street with Great Falls officers.

“They’re carrying them as we speak,” said GFPD Captain Jeff Newtown.

The Exchange Club’s donation is the third in a three-phase rollout of new safety measures for the Great Falls police force. In the first phase, every officer received hands-on training for traumatic injuries and the use of tourniquets. In the second phase, two Great Falls families, who preferred to remain anonymous, donated $2,590.20 to issue every officer a tourniquet.  Read more.