Exchange Club of Fort Worth raised a record $210,000

It’s easy during the bustle of the holiday season to lose sight of the season’s real meaning — to forget that the spirit of giving should extend beyond the confines of our own family and friends and into the community around us.

The stories of this year’s Goodfellow Fund families are a good reminder.

There’s Elsa and Ernest, parents of two, whose difficult year of job and personal loss left them struggling to make ends meet.

And there’s Sandra, who is working toward her degree while raising two children on her own.

All of these families have already received a $50 J.C. Penn e y gift card to buy new clothes and shoes for each eligible school-age child.

Catholic Charities Fort Worth, partnering with the Goodfellow Fund, has distributed 14,167 gift cards to 6,339 Tarrant County families who qualified through interviews and records. (We are very grateful for the small army of Catholic Charities volunteers who have contributed more than 1,500 hours.) Read more.