Ocean City’s 70th annual Halloween parade

The Ocean City Police Department may have invented an ironclad way to prevent crime.

All it needs to do is to roll out its creepy Halloween float from time to time and criminals will surely be, as the saying goes, “scared straight.”

This nightmare-on-wheels rumbled down Asbury Avenue on Thursday night, giving thousands of spectators lining the sidewalks for the city’s 70th annual Halloween parade a spine-tingling thrill.

Decorated with skeletons, ghosts, tombstones and cobwebs, the big police truck-turned-float even had its own Hollywood-style special effects fog to make it that much scarier.

The crowds cheered as the police float and other elaborately decorated Halloween displays crawled along Asbury Avenue between Sixth and 11th streets in the heart of downtown. A procession of ghouls, ghosts, goblins and other spooky things added to the parade’s monstrously good time. Read more.