Other Americanism Projects Ideas

Have a speaker from a local American Legion chapter speak about Veteran’s Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, the American flag, constitutional amendments, or other Americanism topic.

  • Ask a local recruiter to speak at a club meeting about his or her experiences in the service and why it’s great to be an American.
  • Adopt-a-Unit or service person overseas by sending correspondence and care packages or adopt the family of a service person by providing special activities and holiday treats.
  • Go to a veterans’ home and visit with the residents. Bring snacks and pass out small flags as tokens of appreciation for their service.
  • Hold a patriotism essay or speech contest. Have the winner read the essay or speech at a special club meeting.
  • Invite a former Peace Corps volunteer or study abroad participant to speak about how their experience affected their understanding and appreciation of America.
  • Sponsor a Presidents Pageant in which students each “become” a U.S. president and explain their impact on the U.S.
  • Partner with a local television station, newspaper or store to sponsor a patriotic coloring/drawing contest. Young children can color in a picture and older kids can create original art. Arrange to have winning entries published, shown on television or displayed in a local store or library. Savings bonds can be awarded as prizes.
  • Collect old or worn flags from the community and conduct a proper flag-disposal ceremony.
  • Hold a special flag-raising ceremony at your city hall or courthouse to raise awareness about the importance of displaying the flag. Try to get the mayor or another public official to give a brief statement. Or invite veterans’ groups to speak about what the flag means to them. Distribute flag brochures to attendees.