San Clemente lifeguards salute one of their own

The most memorable ocean rescue performed by San Clemente’s 2017 city Lifeguard of the Year came five summers ago, his rookie year, on the 4th of July. A father suddenly stood up on the beach, screaming that his son in chest-deep water was showing signs of an impending seizure.

“To us it was just a teenager standing in the water, but to (his father), he had seen the aura enough to recognize it and started screaming for us to go out,” lifeguard Sina Riahi recalled.

Riahi was the first to rush forward from the lifeguard tower at T-Street Beach and into the ocean. The father turned out to be right – his teenage son collapsed into the water.

“I went out (and) picked him up out of the water,” Riahi said. “Someone was already there, trying to hold him up. (Lifeguard) Trevor Milosch came over to help me. So me and him carried this young man out of the water. He was actively seizing, but luckily he went home that day. It was a very intense moment.” Read more.