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Vial of Life


As America’s population continues to age, the importance of the Vial of Life project becomes more evident. It simply involves distributing plastic vials such as those that carry prescription medicine, but with a significant difference. These vials each contain a medical information sheet and are placed inside the refrigerator. A “Vial of Life” sticker is affixed on the front door or front window of the home so that when emergency personnel arrive, they see the sticker and know that important information concerning the individual’s medical condition, prescriptions and allergies can be found in the refrigerator.

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When the vials are given out, simple instructions are included:

  1. Fill out all questions on the medical information sheet.
  2. Fold and place information sheet inside the vial.
  3. Write the appropriate name on the outside label of each vial.
  4. Place the vial on the top shelf of the refrigerator door.
  5. Place the sticker on the front door or a front window of the house.

The Vial of Life is also a great way to inform emergency personnel if you are involved in an automobile accident. Simply place the vial in your glove compartment and place the decal in the lower drivers side of the windshield.

If that person suffers a medical emergency and an ambulance is called, the responding medical team will see the sticker and read the important medical information in the vial, which could help save a life when every second counts.

While the Vial of Life project is targeted at senior citizens, it can be helpful for anyone with special medical needs. In many cases, local hospitals, police and fire departments, and senior citizen centers can help distribute the vials.

It is important to educate your local medical emergency personnel of this program. Provide a sample of the Vial of Life to your local police, fire, and medical services so they are aware of the information contained in this important vial and watch for the Vial of Life sticker when responding to emergencies.

Consider placing an ad in your local newspaper to publicize the event. Also, working with local fire and police stations can be a good way to get free publicity. Involving your local senior center is another great way to involve the community and gain media attention.

If you have any questions about the Vial of Life program please contact your National Headquarters at 800-XCHANGE or e-mail