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National Convention

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Save the Date!
This year’s National Convention will be held in Houston, TX,
July 13-16, 2016.
We hope to see everyone there!

Hotel Room Reservation Request Form, Hyatt Regency, Houston,

Hotel Room Reservation Request Online, Hyatt Regency, Houston, TX


texas-clipart-convention page For ideas about planning your trip to America’s fourth-largest city, check out:
Visit Houston Texas
Downtown Houston

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2014-2015 National Convention – Columbus, OH.
Photos are now online and available for viewing! Photo Gallery.

Photo credits to Jason Miller at ToledoPhotoGuy.

Complete listing of Award Winners available in PDF format, here!

97th National Convention Session and Event Details

Session 1 – Opening General Session

Thursday, July 30, 9 – 11 a.m.

Presentation of 2014 National Convention Minutes
Announcement of Convention Committees
Convention Election Procedure
Keynote Address: Tim Kight

Recognition and Presentation of Awards: New Club Building, Distinguished Club President, Distinguished Charter Club President, Charter Club Cornerstone, Distinguished District Director, Club Representative Award

Annual Report of the National President

National Project Luncheon

Thursday, July 30, 12:30 – 2 p.m.

Guest Presenter: Regina Marscheider

Recognition and Presentation of Awards: Parent Aide of the Year, CARE Awards, Campaign For Kids

Session 2

Thursday, July 30, 2:15 – 4 p.m.

Address/Annual Report of the NEC Foundation
National Treasurer’s Report
Report of the Jurisprudence and Laws Committee
Amendment voting

Recognition and Presentation of Awards: National Best Club Bulletin Awards, EDIT District Bulletin Awards, Best Club Website Awards, Best District Website Awards, Best Web Video Award, Public Relations Awards, National Outstanding Service Projects, National Outstanding Fundraising Projects, Individual Membership, Club Hat Trick

Session 3

Friday, July 31, 9 – 11 a.m.

Report of the Executive Vice President, Tracey Edwards
Candidate Nomination: National Office/NEC Foundation Trustee
Nomination Speeches
Election of 2014-2015 Officers and At-Large Trustees

One Nation Under God Luncheon

Friday, July 31, 12:30 – 2 p.m.

Memorial Celebration
Guest Speaker: Ken Leslie
Live Auction

Session 4

Saturday, August 1, 10:15 – 12 a.m.

A.C.E. of the Year Presentation
Youth of the Year Presentation
Resolutions Committee Report
2014 Convention Minutes Report
Credentials Committee Report

Recognition and Presentation of Awards: VFR of the Year Award, Distinguished District President Award, Star District President Award

Address of National President-Elect: Dan McQueeney
Introduction of the 2015-2016 District Presidents and National Board of Directors

Celebration Banquet

Saturday, August 1, 6:30 – 10:30 p.m.

Introduction of District Host Committee
Recognition of Past National Presidents
District Spirit and Best Hospitality Room Awards
NEC Foundation Trustees Installation
Announcement of 2015 Court of Honor Inductees

Recognition and Presentation of Awards: All-American Volunteer of the Year Award, National Exchangite of the Year Award, Outstanding District Award

Installation of 2015-2016 National Officers and Directors
Recognition and Presentation of Life Membership: Tom Karnes

Convention Committees and Tellers


Chairman Phil Howard, Donelson-Hermitage Area, TN

Kathy Cox, Portage, IN

Paul Summerville, Mooresville/Lake Norman, NC



Chairman Don Wright, Noon, Murfreesboro, TN

Rob Davidson, Santa Rita, Tucson, AZ

Russ Finney, West Chester, OH

Gerald Franklin, Houston, TX

Margie Miller, Folly Beach, SC

McKenzie C. “Ken” Roberts, McMinnville, TN

Renee Sorensen, Taylorsville, UT

Katie Smith, Owatonna and Moonlighters, Owatonna, MN

Jerry Thompson, Networking Salem/Keizer, OR


COMMITTEE ON ELECTIONS (28 members needed):

Chairman W. James Brown, Jr., St. Petersburg, FL

William “Bill” Bailey, Hapeville, GA

Bruce Baril, Lawrence, MA

Bill Deacy, San Diego, CA

Steve Douglas, West Chester, PA

Deborah Fuglie, West Fargo, ND

Bonita Gibson, Tempe, AZ, and San Diego, CA

Cindy Harb, Plaistow, NH

Greg Harrant, Midland, MI

Debra Hebert, Pearland, TX

Kim Hodges, Utah Valley, UT

Vickie Ketchie, Mooresville/Lake Norman, NC

Kipp Miller, Maverick, Dallas and Copperas Cove, TX

Sid Mobley, El Paso, TX

Robert “Bob” Moore, Jr., Wythe, Hampton and Suffolk, VA

Rosie Neely, Murphy and Noon, Garland, TX

Joe Nickels, Chico, CA

Ernie Remedies, Copperas Cove and Noon, Copperas Cove, TX

John Schoen, Irondale, AL

Marge Sharlow, Detroit and Trenton, MI

Bob Sharp, Bridgeton, NJ

Pam Sudlow, Evening, Charleston, SC

Ken Sullivan, North Jackson, MS, and Millington, TN

Howard Tinsley, Florence, Prattville and Selma, AL

Franklin Williams, Long Beach and Saucier, MS



Chairman Charlie Braddock, Breakfast, Anderson, IN, and Beaufort, SC

Judy Bippus, Flagstaff, AZ

Susan Brewer, Peninsula Networking, VA

Claude Carmack, Richmond, VA

Floyd Culver, Wauseon, OH

Bill Deason, Waycross, GA

Carolyn Geisert, Greeley and Union, Greeley, CO

Dennis Koch, Quincy, IL

Barbara Orr, Mooresville/Lake Norman, NC

Michael Whitaker, Phoenix and Chandler, AZ



Chairman Bob Harb, Haverhill, MA, and Plaistow, NH

Annette Frank, Owatonna and Moonlighters, Owatonna, MN

Tommy Holliman, Montgomery and Prattville, AL

Lou Molitor, Waukegan, IL, and Kenosha, WI


2015 Registration and Reservations

It’s not too late!! You still have time to get registered and plan your trip!
Hotel Room Reservations Online or download the Hotel Room Reservation Form
Download the Convention Registration Form and submit no later than Friday, July 24.

Fax completed form to: 419.535.1989 or
Email to:
Transportation Reservations Online

Convention Need-To-Know

Do Ohio

Things To Do In Ohio (PDF)

Cedar Point    ProFootballHallOfFame     Cincinnati Reds

Kings-Island    Playhouse-Square       Put-In-Bay

In and Around Columbus, OH

Columbus is the 15th largest city in the United States!

Not from the Midwest? Then, you might not know that Columbus is a great place to visit … there is something for everyone! This great city is renowned for its history, arts & culture, food & dining, nightlife, sightseeing, sports venues, shopping, and so much more.

For ideas about planning your trip to Ohio’s capitol city, visit Experience Columbus.

Experience Columbus Welcomes The National Exchange Club 2015.

You can also check our this great Columbus, OH, bucket list, from Delta Sky.

Restaurant Guide Columbus 2015

Downtown Columbus Restaurants (PDF)

Katzingers    spagio_logo    cbc-logo Hubbard Grille.(Jodi Miller/Alive)   Thurman Cafe  Schmidts  de-novo

Downtown Columbus Area Map (PDF)

RR Museum      Columbus Zoo    franklinlogo  FPC-logo


Maps - Getting Around Columbus


Not sure what Columbus has to offer?
Experience Columbus created this great video to give a little preview, check it out:

Columbus Video

Curious about the CBUS Circulator? Here’s what you can expect:


Past National Conventions

1st      Convention  Toledo, OH                                 Sept. 18, 1917

2nd     Convention  Cleveland, OH                            Sept. 26, 1918

3rd     Convention  Detroit, MI                                    Sept. 22, 1919

4th      Convention  Columbus, OH                             Sept. 28 1920

5th      Convention  Grand Rapids, MI                       Sept. 27, 1921

6th      Convention  Louisville, KY                         Sept. 26-27, 1922

7th      Convention  Springfield, MA                      Sept. 25-26, 1923

8th      Convention  Nashville, TN                         Sept. 22-24, 1924

9th      Convention  Detroit, MI                              Sept. 14-15, 1925

10th   Convention  Atlantic City, NJ                      Sept. 20-22, 1926

11th   Convention  San Francisco, CA                 Sept. 12-16, 1927

12th   Convention  Toledo, OH                               July 23-27, 1928

13th   Convention  Jacksonville, FL                            Oct. 7-9, 1929

14th   Convention  Indianapolis, IN                       Aug. 25-28, 1930

15th   Convention  Memphis, TN                          Sept. 21-23, 1931

16th   Convention  Syracuse, NY                         Sept. 12-14, 1932

17th   Convention  Milwaukee, WI                            Sept. 5-7, 1933

18th   Convention  Cincinnati, OH                        Sept. 24-26, 1934

19th   Convention  Dallas, TX                               Sept. 23-25, 1935

20th   Convention  Detroit, MI                         Aug. 31-Sept.2, 1936

21st    Convention  Tampa, FL                               Oct. 18-20, 1937

22nd  Convention  Salt Lake City, UT                   Aug. 22-24, 1938

23rd   Convention  Atlantic City, NJ                          Sept. 5-8, 1939

24th   Convention  San Francisco, CA                  Aug. 19-22, 1940

25th   Convention  Richmond, VA                          Sept. 7-10, 1941

26th   Convention  Toledo, OH                              Feb. 21-22, 1943

27th   Convention  Toledo, OH                               Oct. 15-16, 1944

28th   Convention  Atlantic City, NJ                        Oct. 12-15, 1946

29th   Convention  Cincinnati, OH                        Sept. 27-29, 1947

30th   Convention  Wichita, KS                             Sept. 25-27, 1948

31st    Convention  Minneapolis, MN                    Sept. 17-19, 1949

32nd  Convention  Washington, DC                 Aug. 3-Sept. 4, 1950

33rd   Convention  Miami Beach, FL                          Oct. 4-8, 1951

34th   Convention  Atlantic City, NJ                          Sept. 5-9, 1952

35th   Convention  Colorado Springs, CO            Sept. 24-29, 1953

36th   Convention  Louisville, KY                     Sept. 29-Oct. 4,1954

37th   Convention  San Juan, PR                             Oct. 5-10, 1955

38th   Convention  Dallas, TX                               Sept. 12-17, 1956

39th   Convention  Atlantic City,  NJ                         Sept. 4-7, 1957

40th   Convention  Los Angeles, CA                    Sept. 20-25, 1958

41st    Convention  Minneapolis, MN             Sept. 26-Oct. 1,  1959

42nd  Convention  Birmingham, AL                      Sept. 10-15, 1960

43rd   Convention  Toledo, OH                               Sept. 9-14, 1961

44th   Convention  Atlantic City, NJ                          Sept. 4-7, 1962

45th   Convention  San Juan, PR                             Oct. 6-12, 1963

46th   Convention  Las Vegas, NV                         July 26-30, 1964

47th   Convention  Hartford, CT                               Aug. 8-12, 1965

48th   Convention  New Orleans, LA                July 31-Aug. 4, 1966

49th   Convention  Bal Harbour, FL                 July 30-Aug. 3, 1967

50th   Convention  Kansas City, MO                       July 28-31,1968

51st    Convention  Los Angeles, CA                      July 27-30, 1969

52nd  Convention  Atlanta, GA                               July 26-29, 1970

53rd   Convention  Salt Lake City, UT                    July 25-28, 1971

54th   Convention  San Juan, PR                           July 16-20, 1972

55th   Convention  Houston, TX                             July 22-25, 1973

56th   Convention  Boston, MA                               July 21-24, 1974

57th   Convention  Honolulu, HI                             July 20-24, 1975

58th   Convention  Washington, DC                       July 11-14, 1976

59th   Convention  New Orleans, LA                      July 23-28, 1977

60th   Convention  San Diego, CA                           July 9-12, 1978

61st    Convention  St. Louis, MO                             July 8-11, 1979

62nd Convention  Orlando, FL                               July 20-23, 1980

63rd   Convention  Las Vegas, NV                           July 8-11, 1981

64th   Convention  Seattle, WA                              July 11-14, 1982

65th   Convention  Nashville, TN                            July 13-16, 1983

66th   Convention  Dallas, TX                               June 27-30, 1984

67th   Convention  Philadelphia, PA                           July 3-6, 1985

68th   Convention  Detroit, MI                                   July 9-12, 1986

69th   Convention  Orlando, FL                              July 15-18, 1987

70th   Convention  Louisville, KY                            July 13-16, 1988

71st    Convention  San Francisco, CA                  July 12-15, 1989

72nd  Convention  Washington, DC                       July 18-21, 1990

73rd   Convention  Kansas City, MO                      July 17-20, 1991

74th   Convention  Atlanta, GA                               July 22-25, 1992

75th   Convention  San Antonio, TX                       July 28-31, 1993

76th   Convention  Boston, MA                               July 20-23, 1994

77th   Convention  Nashville, TN                            July 19-22, 1995

78th   Convention  San Diego, CA                         July 10-13, 1996

79th   Convention  New Orleans, LA                      July 16-19, 1997

80th   Convention  Chicago, IL                                 July 8-11, 1998

81st    Convention  Las Croabas, PR                     July 14-17, 1999

82nd  Convention  Phoenix, AZ                              July 12-15, 2000

83rd   Convention  Greensboro, NC                       July 11-14, 2001

84th  Convention   Minneapolis, MN                July 31-Aug. 3, 2002

85th   Convention  Birmingham, AL                        July 16-19, 2003

86th   Convention  Dallas, TX                                 July 14-17, 2004

87th  Convention   Salt Lake City, UT                    July 13-16, 2005

88th   Convention  Orlando, FL                              July 26-29, 2006

89th   Convention  Portland, OR                            July 18-21, 2007

90th   Convention  St. Louis, MO                              July 9-12, 2008

91st    Convention Jacksonville, FL                         July 15-18 2009

92nd Convention  La Quinta, CA                            July 21-24, 2010

Exchange’s 100th anniversary

93rd   Convention  Detroit, MI                                     July 6-9, 2011

94th   Convention  Chandler, AZ                            July 11-14, 2012

95th   Convention  Greensboro, NC                       July 10-13, 2013

96th   Convention  New Orleans, LA                        July 9-12, 2014

97th   Convention  Columbus, OH                   July 29-Aug. 1, 2015