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National Convention


July 13-15, 2017

Convention Photo Gallery,
Jacksonville, FL 2017

Additional Convention Photos –
submitted by Ken Roberts

2016-2017 Convention Awards List (PDF)

Individual Award Flyers (PDFs)

Youth of the Year

A.C.E. of the Year

Exchangite of the Year

All-American Volunteer of the Year

Read the 2016-2017 Youth of the Year and A.C.E. of the Year Essays

Exchange: 2017-2018 National Service Award Winners

Rome, GA
Tifton, GA
Cedar Falls, IA
Kosciusko, MS
Noon, McMinnville, TN
Memorial Houston, TX
Murphy, TX

Exchange: Past National Conventions

1st      Convention  Toledo, OH                                 Sept. 18, 1917

2nd     Convention  Cleveland, OH                            Sept. 26, 1918

3rd     Convention  Detroit, MI                                    Sept. 22, 1919

4th      Convention  Columbus, OH                             Sept. 28 1920

5th      Convention  Grand Rapids, MI                       Sept. 27, 1921

6th      Convention  Louisville, KY                         Sept. 26-27, 1922

7th      Convention  Springfield, MA                      Sept. 25-26, 1923

8th      Convention  Nashville, TN                         Sept. 22-24, 1924

9th      Convention  Detroit, MI                              Sept. 14-15, 1925

10th   Convention  Atlantic City, NJ                      Sept. 20-22, 1926

11th   Convention  San Francisco, CA                 Sept. 12-16, 1927

12th   Convention  Toledo, OH                               July 23-27, 1928

13th   Convention  Jacksonville, FL                            Oct. 7-9, 1929

14th   Convention  Indianapolis, IN                       Aug. 25-28, 1930

15th   Convention  Memphis, TN                          Sept. 21-23, 1931

16th   Convention  Syracuse, NY                         Sept. 12-14, 1932

17th   Convention  Milwaukee, WI                            Sept. 5-7, 1933

18th   Convention  Cincinnati, OH                        Sept. 24-26, 1934

19th   Convention  Dallas, TX                               Sept. 23-25, 1935

20th   Convention  Detroit, MI                         Aug. 31-Sept.2, 1936

21st    Convention  Tampa, FL                               Oct. 18-20, 1937

22nd  Convention  Salt Lake City, UT                   Aug. 22-24, 1938

23rd   Convention  Atlantic City, NJ                          Sept. 5-8, 1939

24th   Convention  San Francisco, CA                  Aug. 19-22, 1940

25th   Convention  Richmond, VA                          Sept. 7-10, 1941

26th   Convention  Toledo, OH                              Feb. 21-22, 1943

27th   Convention  Toledo, OH                               Oct. 15-16, 1944

28th   Convention  Atlantic City, NJ                        Oct. 12-15, 1946

29th   Convention  Cincinnati, OH                        Sept. 27-29, 1947

30th   Convention  Wichita, KS                             Sept. 25-27, 1948

31st    Convention  Minneapolis, MN                    Sept. 17-19, 1949

32nd  Convention  Washington, DC                 Aug. 3-Sept. 4, 1950

33rd   Convention  Miami Beach, FL                          Oct. 4-8, 1951

34th   Convention  Atlantic City, NJ                          Sept. 5-9, 1952

35th   Convention  Colorado Springs, CO            Sept. 24-29, 1953

36th   Convention  Louisville, KY                     Sept. 29-Oct. 4,1954

37th   Convention  San Juan, PR                             Oct. 5-10, 1955

38th   Convention  Dallas, TX                               Sept. 12-17, 1956

39th   Convention  Atlantic City,  NJ                         Sept. 4-7, 1957

40th   Convention  Los Angeles, CA                    Sept. 20-25, 1958

41st    Convention  Minneapolis, MN             Sept. 26-Oct. 1,  1959

42nd  Convention  Birmingham, AL                      Sept. 10-15, 1960

43rd   Convention  Toledo, OH                               Sept. 9-14, 1961

44th   Convention  Atlantic City, NJ                          Sept. 4-7, 1962

45th   Convention  San Juan, PR                             Oct. 6-12, 1963

46th   Convention  Las Vegas, NV                         July 26-30, 1964

47th   Convention  Hartford, CT                               Aug. 8-12, 1965

48th   Convention  New Orleans, LA                July 31-Aug. 4, 1966

49th   Convention  Bal Harbour, FL                 July 30-Aug. 3, 1967

50th   Convention  Kansas City, MO                       July 28-31,1968

51st    Convention  Los Angeles, CA                      July 27-30, 1969

52nd  Convention  Atlanta, GA                               July 26-29, 1970

53rd   Convention  Salt Lake City, UT                    July 25-28, 1971

54th   Convention  San Juan, PR                           July 16-20, 1972

55th   Convention  Houston, TX                             July 22-25, 1973

56th   Convention  Boston, MA                               July 21-24, 1974

57th   Convention  Honolulu, HI                             July 20-24, 1975

58th   Convention  Washington, DC                       July 11-14, 1976

59th   Convention  New Orleans, LA                      July 23-28, 1977

60th   Convention  San Diego, CA                           July 9-12, 1978

61st    Convention  St. Louis, MO                             July 8-11, 1979

62nd Convention  Orlando, FL                               July 20-23, 1980

63rd   Convention  Las Vegas, NV                           July 8-11, 1981

64th   Convention  Seattle, WA                              July 11-14, 1982

65th   Convention  Nashville, TN                            July 13-16, 1983

66th   Convention  Dallas, TX                               June 27-30, 1984

67th   Convention  Philadelphia, PA                           July 3-6, 1985

68th   Convention  Detroit, MI                                   July 9-12, 1986

69th   Convention  Orlando, FL                              July 15-18, 1987

70th   Convention  Louisville, KY                            July 13-16, 1988

71st    Convention  San Francisco, CA                  July 12-15, 1989

72nd  Convention  Washington, DC                       July 18-21, 1990

73rd   Convention  Kansas City, MO                      July 17-20, 1991

74th   Convention  Atlanta, GA                               July 22-25, 1992

75th   Convention  San Antonio, TX                       July 28-31, 1993

76th   Convention  Boston, MA                               July 20-23, 1994

77th   Convention  Nashville, TN                            July 19-22, 1995

78th   Convention  San Diego, CA                         July 10-13, 1996

79th   Convention  New Orleans, LA                      July 16-19, 1997

80th   Convention  Chicago, IL                                 July 8-11, 1998

81st    Convention  Las Croabas, PR                     July 14-17, 1999

82nd  Convention  Phoenix, AZ                              July 12-15, 2000

83rd   Convention  Greensboro, NC                       July 11-14, 2001

84th  Convention   Minneapolis, MN                July 31-Aug. 3, 2002

85th   Convention  Birmingham, AL                        July 16-19, 2003

86th   Convention  Dallas, TX                                 July 14-17, 2004

87th  Convention   Salt Lake City, UT                    July 13-16, 2005

88th   Convention  Orlando, FL                              July 26-29, 2006

89th   Convention  Portland, OR                            July 18-21, 2007

90th   Convention  St. Louis, MO                              July 9-12, 2008

91st    Convention Jacksonville, FL                         July 15-18 2009

92nd Convention  La Quinta, CA                            July 21-24, 2010

Exchange’s 100th anniversary

93rd   Convention  Detroit, MI                                     July 6-9, 2011

94th   Convention  Chandler, AZ                            July 11-14, 2012

95th   Convention  Greensboro, NC                       July 10-13, 2013

96th   Convention  New Orleans, LA                        July 9-12, 2014

97th   Convention  Columbus, OH                   July 29-Aug. 1, 2015

98th   Convention  Houston, TX                                July 14-16, 2016

99th   Convention  Jacksonville, FL                        July 13-15, 2017

Exchange: 2016-2017 National Service Award Winners

Congratulations and thank you to these clubs and their members!

Birmingham, AL
Collegiate, Huntingdon College, AL
East Montgomery, AL
Eastern Shore, AL
Excel, Jefferson Christian Academy, Irondale, AL
Florence, AL
Jr. Excel, Jefferson Christian Academy Irondale, AL
Irondale, AL
Jacksonville, AL
Mobile, AL
Montgomery, AL
Opelika, AL
Prattville, AL
Selma, AL
Shelby County, AL
Tuscaloosa, AL
Fort Smith, AR
Morning, Fort Smith, AR
Chandler, AZ
Flagstaff, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Santa Rita, Tucson, AZ
Scottsdale, AZ
Corning, CA
Culver City, CA
Gilroy, CA
Irvine, CA
Long Beach, CA
Marysville, CA
Newport Harbor, CA
Santa Rosa, CA
Greeley, CO
Falcon, CO
Union Colony, Greeley, CO
Madison, CT
Naugatuck, CT
Norwalk, CT
Shelton, CT
Wolcott, CT
Aberdeen, SD
Mitchell, SD
Pierre-Ft Pierre, SD
Emerald Coast, FL
Fellesmere, FL
Jacksonville Beaches, FL
Manatee River Business, FL
Niceville, FL
Northeast, St. Petersburg, FL
Pompano Beach, FL
St. Petersburg, FL
Sarasota Business, FL
South Brevard County, FL
Treasure Coast-Vero Beach, FL
Vero Beach, FL
Youth Guidance Excel Pathfinders, Vero Beach, FL
Albany, GA
Alma, GA
Brantley County, GA
Brunswick, GA
Columbus, GA
Cedartown, GA
Dublin, GA
Four County Area, GA
Griffin, GA
Macon, GA
Rome, GA
Statesboro, GA
Tifton, GA
Valdosta, GA
Waycross, GA
Cedar Falls, IA
Sunrise, Waterloo, IA
Waterloo, IA
Waverly, IA
Beardstown, IL
Champaign, IL
Grayslake, IL
Gurnee, IL
Hapeville, IL
Joliet, IL
Mattoon, IL
Naperville, IL
North Chicago, IL
Quad Cities, IL
Rantoul, IL
Urbana, IL
Duneland Area, IN
Elkhart County, IN
Greater Madison County, IN
Lafayette, IN
Lawrence, IN
Marion, IN
Michigan City, IN
Muncie, IN
Portage, IN
Speedway, IN
Twin City, Lafayette, IN
Richmond, KY
Alexandria, LA
West St. Tammany, LA
Breakfast, Haverhill, MA
Clinton, MA
Haverhill, MA
Alpena, MI
Caro, MI
Early Bird, Coldwater, MI
Jackson, MI
Lincoln Park, MI
Saginaw, MI
Trenton, MI
Albert Lea, MN
Moonlighters, Owatonna, MN
Owatonna, MN
St. Cloud, MN
Cleveland, MS
Excel, New Summit School, Jackson, MS
Grenada, MS
Kosciusko, MS
Long Beach, MS
Meridian, MS
North Jackson, MS
Oxford, MS
Perry County, MS
Picayune, MS
Richland, MS
Breakfast, Billings, MT
Butte, MT
Downtown, Billings, MT
Excel, Butte High School, Butte, MT
Helena, MT
Fuquay-Varina, NC
Lower Cape Fear/Wilmington, NC
Mooresville/Lake Norman, NC
New Hope-Wilders Grove, Raleigh, NC
North Raleigh, NC
Peak City, Apex, NC
Statesville, NC
Swift Creek Township, NC
Grand Forks, ND
West Fargo, ND
Breakfast, Nashua, NH
Plaistow, NH
Bridgeton, NJ
Salem, NJ
Mesquite, NV
Sunrise, Erie-Niagara, NY
Dayton, OH
Dover, OH
Eastern Hills-Cincinnati, OH
Greater Maumee Bay, OH
Maumee, OH
Springfield, OH
West Toledo, OH
Oklahoma City, OK
Salem, OR
Carlisle, PA
Hanover, PA
West Chester, PA
Western Lehigh, PA
Cabo Rojo, PR
Excel, Monserrate Leon de Irizarry, Cabo Rojo, PR
Mayaguez, PR
Toa Baja, PR
Yauco, PR
Beaufort, SC
Cane Bay, SC
Charleston, SC
Daniel Island, SC
Isle of Palms, SC
James Island, SC
Laurens, SC
Low Country Ladies, Charleston, SC
Mount Pleasant, SC
North Charleston, SC
Aberdeen, SD
Mitchell, SD
Pierre-Ft Pierre, SD
Bellevue, TN
Donelson-Hermitage Area, TN
Excel, Warren County HS, McMinnville, TN
Frayser, TN
Greater Memphis, TN
Greeneville, TN
Jackson, TN
Jr. Excel, Donelson Middle School, Nashville, TN
Lake Tansi, TN
Noon, McMinnville, TN
North Jackson, TN
Pulaski, TN
Tipton County, TN
West Wilson County, TN
Angleton, TX
Copperas Cove, TX
Dallas, TX
El Paso, TX
Excel, Copperas Cove, TX
Excel, High School United Teens Service, Copperas Cove, TX
Excel, Killeen High School, TX
Fort Bend, TX
Gatesville, TX
Memorial Houston, TX
Missouri City, TX
Murphy, TX
Noon, Copperas Cove, TX
Noon, Garland, TX
Rosenberg, TX
Stars & Stripes, Killeen, TX
Temple-Belton, TX
West Houston, TX
Bonneville-Salt Lake City, UT
Breakfast, Ogden, UT
Excel, Murray, UT
Murray, UT
Salt Lake City, UT
St. George, UT
Taylorsville, UT
Utah Valley, UT
Blackstone, VA
Collegiate, Hampton University, VA
Hampton, VA
Hampton Roads Networking, VA
Henrico, VA
Lynchburg, VA
Old Point Comfort, Hampton, VA
Peninsula Networking, VA
Special Friends, Lynchburg, VA
Suffolk, VA
York, Yorktown, VA
Tri-Cities, WA
Wythe, Hampton, VA
Highline, WA
Fond du Lac, WI
Green Bay, WI
Kenosha, WI
Sunrise, Eau Claire, WI

2017 Registration and Reservations

Hotel Reservations

*Hotel room reservations for Exchange’s National Convention can be made by calling 800.233.1234, as the deadline has passed. Rooms may be available, but are subject to availability and applicable rates. 


Convention Registration

Online convention registration is now closed! Registration must be done onsite in Jacksonville, FL, if you still wish to attend! 

Symposium Registration

The registration form for Exchange’s Child Abuse Prevention Symposium is now available for download!


Transportation to/from the airport, and around the city, is convenient through taxicab services and Uber.

If you prefer to make your airport shuttle arrangements prior to travel, register with one of these two services:

  • SuperShuttle: online here 
  • GO Airport Shuttle: online here ($20 per person, $10 each additional person on same reservation; sedan rate: $50 for 1-2 passengers)

Convention Speakers and Featured Guests

Welcome Reception


The Caribbean Chillers SHOW is an “AUTHENTIC” recreation
of what you’ll hear at a Jimmy Buffett Concert. It’s Florida’s FAVORITE Jimmy Buffett Tribute Act!

Keynote Speaker


Kaitlin M. Roig-DeBellis is the Founder and Executive Director of Classes 4 Classes, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization. Kaitlin founded Classes 4 Classes knowing that positive social change was needed, and that this needed to begin with the youngest members of our society, our K-8 students. Classes 4 Classes is a social networking tool, for every student in the United States to learn: compassion, caring, kindness, empathy, consideration, through active engagement. Classes 4 Classes has worked with more than1,000 students in 10 states. In 2016 they are expanding to all 50 states. Kaitlin was selected as a Top 50 Teacher by The Global Teacher Prize, out of more than 8,500 teachers in 155 countries.

Kaitlin speaks to school boards, administrators, teachers, and students around the world as a keynote and commencement speaker. Kaitlin serves on the NEAG Alumni Association Board of Directors and also serves on the awards selection committee. Kaitlin is the author of Choosing Hope: Moving Forward From Life’s Darkest Hours published by G.P. Putnam & Penguin. Choosing Hope is a finalist in the category of memoir for The Books For a Better Life Award. Kaitlin teaches education courses at Bay Path University as an Adjunct Professor.

In October 2014, Kaitlin received the alumni association’s Humanitarian Award from her alma mater, The University of Connecticut. In May 2014, Kaitlin received two honorary doctorates; one of Humane Letters from Bay Path College, and the other of Public Service from Luzerne College. Kaitlin delivered a TED x talk at UMass Amherst in April 2014. Kaitlin and her non-profit have been featured in People, Glamour, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan; as well as, on World News with Diane Sawyer, Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric, Extra, and Yahoo News!

In 2013, Kaitlin received the Dedicated Teacher Award from The Chicago International Conference on Education. Kaitlin writes educational blog posts for the Huffington Post weekly. Kaitlin also contributed to the book Teaching From the Heart volume 2, published in May 2014. Kaitlin ran the NYC marathon, in honor of 12/14/12, and the lives lost.

In 2013 Kaitlin was honored as one of Glamour Magazine‘s Women of the Year alongside Nobel Prize nominee Malala Yousafzai, congresswoman and shooting survivor Gabby Giffords, and Emmy nominated actress Kerry Washington, among others. Previous Glamour Women of the year include former First Lady and teacher, Laura Bush, and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Also in 2013, Kaitlin was honored by L’Oreal Paris one of its “L’Oreal Paris Women of Worth”, of which she was one of “10 Inspiring Women Making Beautiful Differences in their Communities”. Through Women of Worth, L’Oreal Paris is committed to recognizing women who are true to themselves and their passion of making a difference in their communities. L’Oreal Paris supports these inspiring women through a donation for their charity and by raising awareness for their causes.

In 2007, Kaitlin began teaching first grade at Sandy Hook Elementary School. There she served on the Math Committee, Language Arts Committee, Action Research Committee, and Social Committee. She also began Marathon Mondays, a running club for third and fourth grade students.

Kaitlin began her teaching career as a reading specialist in Westport, CT, in 2006.  While there, she worked with first and second grade struggling readers. Kaitlin worked closely with teachers and administration to implement strategies and action plans for these readers.

Kaitlin attended UCONN and was accepted to the NEAG School of Education, where she completed her Masters of Education with honors in 2006. She was a member of Order of Omega Honor Society, The Historical Honor Society, and the NEAG Honor Society, and, in 2005, was named a New England Scholar. Kaitlin served as the Historian for the NEAG Student Association and was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, where she served as Membership Chair, Recording Secretary, and on the Scholarship Committee. She worked as an intercollegiate athlete tutor to refine study skills and plan essays, as well as a study hall monitor for the UCONN men’s soccer team.

One Nation Under God Luncheon Speaker


Chad Schiel was born and raised in a small farming community in Northeastern Colorado. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at the age of 17, serving five honorable years and completing one combat tour of duty to Iraq in 2003. Upon returning, he married his wife of 13 years Jacqueline, and they have two children, Madeleine and Benjamin. After getting out of the Marine Corps in 2005, he double-enrolled at Regis University, earning both a bachelors and masters in finance in only three years. While attending school, he worked full time as a social worker, issuing food stamps and Medicaid to those less fortunate. Upon graduating from Regis in 2009, he started working in his current role as a financial planner, and is the CEO/founder of Schiel Wealth Management, a boutique investment firm located in Orange County, CA. Although having never smoked or done drugs, in 2010 he was diagnosed with a rare type of lung cancer, and has been in remission for more than six years. He is currently serving as the club president of the Exchange Club San Clemente, CA, and has a passion for helping children, young military families, and veterans. His story has been featured in several publications and he has been a guest pundit on CNBC’s Power Lunch with Brian Sullivan. At the young age of only 34, his story is a testament to God’s grace and loving humorous nature.

National Project Luncheon and Symposium Keynote Speaker


Detective Richard Wistocki had been with the Naperville Police Department for 27 years. In his last 20 years as an Internet Crimes Investigator with the Naperville Police Department, he has forged numerous partnerships  with the community and other law enforcement agencies. He has been a SWAT sniper for the past 22 years. He is one of the founding members and an affiliate  member of the Illinois Attorney Generals High Tech Crimes Bureau (ICAC). Rich’s passion is concentrated in teaching parents how to parent their children while online. He takes his juvenile investigations experience and applies it to teaching parents how to be better parents. He is an instructor for NCJTC and NEMRT. He is also the creator of many laws in the State of  Illinois, such as the Sexting Law, SWATTING legislation, Sexual Exploitation of a Child, and the ability to use seizure funds to financially support public drug abuse events in order to empower parents against drug abuse of teens. Recently, Detective Rich Wistocki has developed a FREE online tool for SROs and school officials to use in cases of sexting, cyber-bullying, and the new SB100 legislation. This tool is and it is not only a case management system, but a free training site for school administrators, SROs, juvenile officers, probation, and states attornies. Detective Rich Wistocki has produced the “Keeping Our Kids Safe Online” parents presentation for the past 12 years in cooperation with the Exchange Club Naperville and its Americanism initiative. A video of this presentation is available online.

Convention Need-To-Know

Start planning your National Convention experience now!

2017 Seminar Schedule! Manage your schedule now, including all the educational opportunities available on Friday and Saturday. Download it: Seminar and Workshop Matrix 2017

Convention Merchandise is NOW available for online ordering! Visit the Exchange MarketPlace for items and availability!

Not sure what you can do while in Jacksonville? Here are some ideas to help you get your trip planning started!





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Convention Artwork

These artwork pieces add excitement to social media sites (including websites), newsletters, and other places where Exchange Clubs share news about the upcoming convention!

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"Do" Jacksonville

Jacksonville, perfectly positioned along the Atlantic Ocean in northeast Florida, is a natural paradise for visitors looking for an affordable yet luxurious destination.

Whether looking to discover the undiscovered, ignite romance, reconnect with family, or be inspired by the city’s cultural offerings or vivid sunrises, anything is possible in Jacksonville.

The “River City by the Sea” boasts more than 20 miles of wide and uncrowded beaches, close to 40 miles of the tranquil Intracoastal Waterway canal, and the longest stretch of the beautiful St. Johns River. On land, Jacksonville is home to the largest urban park system in the nation, with 10 state and national parks. Its authentic cuisine, thriving craft-beer scene and fun and cosmopolitan nightlife make Jacksonville a unique destination.

csn-florida-state-300For ideas about planning your trip to this fast-growing metropolitan in the “Sunshine State”, simply explore Visit Jacksonville!


csn-florida-state-300Even more exciting ideas can be found on this unique Facebook page dedicated to uncovering Things to Do in Jacksonville!


Jacksonville Tourism Videos

Not sure what Jacksonville has to offer?

The “Visit Jacksonville” website has an abundance of videos to help plan a trip to this exciting city!

Whether looking for culture, unique beaches, outdoor adventures, or to learn about the area’s rich history, you will not be disappointed in the plethora of previews!

Find them here!


Here is an example of just one …


Exchange: 2016 Photos and Awards