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While national in scope, the greatest impact the Exchange makes is at the local level, where we Empower Your Passion for Change with more than 630 clubs across the United States and Puerto Rico. Every club is backed by corporate, district and regional leaders who have spent countless years supporting the unique needs of their own communities through Exchange. They understand the service-centered mindset of our members because they’ve been there themselves—and they continue to be there today through their unwavering encouragement of every service opportunity we provide.

How It Works

Local-level clubs identify the needs of their communities and, in many cases, provide for those needs through services that fall under our established areas of impact. Local Exchange Clubs are supported by their own officers, boards of directors, self-raised funds and, in some cases, foundations. Clubs also develop valuable community partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations working toward common goals.

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Find Your Passion

The most significant impact made by Exchange is through local-level clubs – and we’ll never be done!

JOIN US and learn how we Empower Your Passion for Change. Every club across the country is backed by National, district, and regional support. With a unique structure that takes the tediousness out of marketing and planning, our members are able to effectively execute and deliver results to their communities. Our existing membership is experienced in servant-leadership and is waiting to welcome YOU to share our passion!

Find a Club

Across your community and across the country National Exchange Club has a place for you. Click here to search our map for a Club near you.

Find the club that best fits your passion for change.

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